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      USA Headquarter :                                    China :
      1590 Oakland Road, Suite B103               Hi-Tech Industrial Park,
      San Jose, CA 95131.                                Nanshan District,SZ
     Tel: (408)441-0665                                     Tel:86+755-2658-3401
     Fax:(408)441-0669                                     Fax:86+755-2658-3237

After long and serious searching, we made a choice to starting carry UC Instruments Inc. new testing equipment line.

1) UC Instruments testing equipment are very user friendly,  featured function is easy to integrate into any brand name testing system.

2)  Very good and stable product quality, they have been accepted  by many big manufactures. 

3) Designed in  Silicon Valley USA , made in China. Cutting edge technology, competitive price.

4) Professional technical support, strong resources for further product improvement and customization.

Model Description
GM8012 + 2 x GM8300X Optical Power Meter  
GM8030 PLC Insertion Loss/PDL Test System 
GM8015  Motorized Polarization Scrambler
GM8011XXX Tunable Laser Source
GM82004XX PC Based Tunable Laser Source Module
GM8005CP/LP Portable Tunable Laser System
GM8020C/L/CL Multi-output Tunable Laser Source
GM8025 1310/1550 nm Desktop DFB Laser Source
GM8026 Four Chanels Desktop DFB Laser Source
GM8035  Superwide CWDM Broadband Light Source
GM8001B Lightwave Multimeter Mainframe  
GM81014 + GM8300X  Optical Interface and Optical Head
GM81018 Return Loss Plug in Module
GM81007C Variable Optical Attenuator Module
GM81008  Variable Optical Attenuator Module
GM8100X  Optical Power Meter Plug in Module
GM81017 1310/1550 nm Laser Source Module
GM81001XX  High Precision Tunable Laser Source Module
GM81022C/L/CL High Speed Sweep Tunable Laser Source Module
GM8019 + GM83001D 1310/1550 nm Dual Laser Source Back Reflectiom/Power Meter 
GM8036 Optical Spectrum Analyzer  (1525 ~ 1610 nm) 
GM8040 Desktop Variable Optical Attenuator

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