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Agilent HP Ando Anritsu

JDS Uniphae JDSU RM3 RM3750B RM3-Z007 Back Reflection Meter 1310/1550NM (RM3-Z007)
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keysight Agilent HP 11896A Polarization Controller (11896A )
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used 41937 Anritsu MW9070B, MW0972B Mini OTDR MW9070B, MW0972B $1,900.00
New 42125 Anritsu MW9076D OTDR MW9076D $2,900.00
Used 42557 Burleigh WA-4500 Pulsed Wavemeter $350.00
Used 41942 EXFO FTB-300 FTB7403B SM OTDR FTB-300 FTB7403B $.00
Used 42130 EXFO FTB-7403B-ER1-91 Single Mode OTDR module FTB-7403B $.00
Used 42313 EXFO VCS-20A Voice communication multi function test set VCS-20A $.00
Used 42192 ILX Lightwave LDT-5525 TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER LDT-5525 $350.00
Used 41927 ILX Lightwave LDT5525 Temperature Controller LDT5525 $.00
Used TSM113 ILX Lightwave LDT5910B Laser Diode Temperature Controller LDT-5910B LDT-5910 Contact Sales
Used 42197 ILX lightwave LDX-5412 Temperature controller LDX-5412 $.00
Used 42233 JDSU PS3030+13 PDL Multimeter 1310nm Built-In Laser FC/APC PS3030+13 $1,150.00
Used 42238 Newport Test System Model # 8200 & PTS-FOPM InGaAs 800-1650nm Power Meter/PTS-FB 1550nm Source 8200 $1,150.00
Used 41932 Newport 8008 modular controller Newport 8008 Contact Sales
Used 42266 Photonics Fiberamp BT 17 Erbium doped fiber amplifier Fiberamp BT 17 $.00
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Agilent HP
Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used TSM992 keysight Agilent HP 81625A High Power Optical Head 81625A Contact Sales
Used 3570 Agilent 81633B Optical Detector Plug-in module 81633B $2,950.00
Used 42115 Agilent E1713A Scale servo Axis board E1713A $199.00
Used TSM104 Agilent HP 11980A Fiber Optic Interferometer 11980A $990.00
Used TSM115 Agilent HP 70004A Mainframe & Color Display 70004A $1,995.00
Used TSM408 Agilent HP 81591A Modular 1x2 Optical switch 81591A $599.00
Used TSM141 Agilent HP 83434A Lightwave Receiver 83434A $2,950.00
Used TSM234 Agilent HP 83440C High-Speed Lightwave Converters 83440C Contact Sales
Used TSM248s Agilent HP 8504A Lightwave Precision Reflectometer 1310/1550nm 8504A Contact Sales
Used TSM248 Agilent HP 8504B Lightwave Precision Reflectometer 8504B Contact Sales
Used TSM159 Agilent HP 85060B Electronic Calibration Module 85060B Contact Sales
Used TSM174 Agilent HP 86038A Optical Dispersion Analyzer Contact Sales
Used TSM221 Agilent HP 86120C Multi-Wavelength Meter 86120C $9,950.00
Used TSM192 Agilent HP E1364A 16-Channel Form C Switch E1364A Contact Sales
Used TSM193 Agilent HP E1406A VXI GPIB Command Module E1406A Contact Sales
Used 3565 Agilent | 86105B 15 GHz Optical / 20 GHz Electrical Plug-in Module 86105b Contact Sales
Used 4072 Aglient 83481A Optical / Electrical clock recovery module Optical electrical 155/622 Mb/s 83496A Contact Sales
Used TSM201 keysight Agilent HP 81633A Optical Power Sensor Module 81633A $750.00
Used 42120 keysight Agilent 83483A Dual-Channel 20 GHz Electrical Plug-In Module 83483A Contact Sales
Used 31438 keysight Agilent / HP 81614A - Return Loss Module 1550/1625nm 81614A $950.00
Used 34878 keysight Agilent 81250A Bit Error Ratio Test Solutions 81250A Contact Sales
Used 4087 keysight Agilent 81612A Return Loss Module 81612A Contact Sales
Used TSM1000 keysight Agilent HP 81610A Return Loss Modules 81610A $3,950.00
Used TSM06 keysight Agilent HP 11896A Polarization Controller 11896A $1,550.00
Used TSM120 keysight Agilent HP 81520A Optical Head 81520A $1,950.00
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used TSM223 Ando AQ2140 Optical Multimeter AQ2140 $495.00
Used TSM225 Ando AQ2140 Optical Multimeter with AQ4213 AQ2730 AQ2742 AQ4213 AQ2730 AQ2742 Contact Sales
Used TSM224 Ando AQ2141 Optical Multimeter Expansion Frame AQ2141 Contact Sales
New 3778 Ando AQ6140 Multi Wavelength Meter Contact Sales
Used NSLA15 Ando AQ7140B Optical Fiber Analyzer Mainframe AQ7140B Contact Sales
Used TSM49 Ando AQ7410A High-Resolution Reflectrometer AQ7410A Contact Sales
Used TSM227 Ando AQ8201-32 ATTN Module Plug-In Card AQ8201-32 Contact Sales
Used TSM344 Ando AQ820102 Display Controller AQ8201-02 Contact Sales
Used TSM3767 Ando AQ820201 System Controllers AQ8202-01 Contact Sales
Used NSLA16 Ando AQ8460 Optical Component Analyzer AQ8460 Contact Sales
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used TSM413 EXFO / Burleigh WA-1600 Optical Wavelength Meter WA-1600 $8,500.00
Used 3732 EXFO / Burleigh WA-1650 Wavelength Meter WA1600 $9,500.00
Used TSM414 EXFO / Burleigh WA-1100 Optical Wavelength Meter WA1100 WA 1100 $6,590.00
Used TSM4147 EXFO / Burleigh WA-1150 Optical Wavelength Meter WA1150 WA1150 Contact Sales
Used 30624 EXFO / Burleigh WA-7600 Multi Wavelength Meter Burleigh WA-7600 Contact Sales
Used TSM163 EXFO / Burleigh WA7100 Optical Channel Analyzers WA-7100 $4,950.00
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used MI59 JDSU TB9 TB9223-FA TB9226+1FA1 TB9166+1FP1TB9P226+22FP1 TB90226+22FA1 Optical Grating Filter TB9223-FA TB9226+1FA1 $2,250.00
Used TSM448 JDS Fitel JDSU RM3050B Return Loss Test Set RM3050B Contact Sales
Used 3958 JDS JDSU PS3 PS3050 Polarisation Dependent Loss (PDL) Meters PS3050+25 $1,050.00
Used TSM47 JDS JDSU PS3 PS3650 Polarisation Dependent Loss (PDL) Meters PS3650+15 Contact Sales
Used TSM450 JDS Uniphae JDSU RM3 RM3750B RM3-Z007 Back Reflection Meter 1310/1550NM RM3-Z007 Contact Sales
Used 31591 JDS Uniphae JDSU RM3750 Back Reflection Meter 1310/1550NM RM3750+1FA2 RM3750+1FA700 $995.00
Used TSM451 JDS Uniphase JDSU PE3 PMD Emulator Contact Sales
Used TSM453 JDS Uniphase JDSU RM3 Back Reflection Meter Contact Sales
Used TSM470 JDS Uniphase JDSU SWS15107 Detector Module SWS15107 $995.00
Used 41897 JDS Uniphase PE4 PE-4+1FP PE4050-SP PMD Emulator PE-4+1FP $1,250.00
Used TSM469 JDS Uniphase SWS15106 Control Module SWS15106 Contact Sales
Used TSM52 JDSU RX3070+1242FA7 RX3070+1162F7 RX3070+1161FA7 Multi-Channel Backreflection Meter 1310/1550nm RX3070+1242FA7 Contact Sales
Used 42056 JDSU MAPA+1K18204L1FP Switch SKB module for MAP+1111110 or MPA+2M00 Mainfreme MAPA+1K18204L1FP $650.00
Used 42066 JDSU MAPA+2370200FP Attenuator module for MAP+1111110 or MPA+2M00 Mainfreme MAPA+23 $950.00
Used 42061 JDSU MAPA+2370290FA Attenuator module for MAP+1111110 or MPA+2M00 Mainfreme MAPA+23 $950.00
Used 42033 JDSU MAPF+1GK001FP Tunable filter module for MAP+1111110 or MPA+2M00 Mainfreme MAPF+1GK001FP $3,950.00
Used 42039 JDSU MAPM+1P2 Power meter module for MAP+1111110 or MPA+2M00 Mainfreme MAPM+1P2 $625.00
Used 42049 JDSU MAPU+1SP12503700 Utility Passive module for MAP+1111110 or MPA+2M00 Mainfreme MAPU+1SP12503700 $659.00
Used 31304 JDSU RX3 Multichannel Backreflection Meter RX3090+1242FA2 $5,950.00
Used 33203 JDSU TB9 TB9126+1FA1 TB9226-Z004 Optical Grating Filter TB91261FA1 $2,250.00
New 3862 JGR BR5 Backreflection meter BR5 $2,950.00
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