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  Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
  Used 3592 JDS JDSU Fitel Precision Variable Attenuator VA5505-FPL VA5505-FPL Contact Sales
  Used 33008 JDSU HA9 HA097+20ASU4 Optical attenuator SC/APC HA097+20ASU4 Contact Sales
  Used A23 JDS JDSU HA097-24AFA1 Attenuator HA097-24AFA1 Contact Sales
  Used A24 JDS JDSU HA01720AFA4 Attenuator HA017+20AFA4 Contact Sales
  Used 32998 JDS JDSU HA9 HA097+20AFP1 Optical attenuator HA097+20AFP1 Contact Sales
  Used 33003 JDS JDSU HA9 HA097+20ASU1 Optical attenuator SC/APC HA097+20ASU1 Contact Sales
  Used 3899 JDS JDSU HA9 HA097+29KSC1 Optical attenuator,SC/PC HA097+29KSC1 Contact Sales
  Used A18 JDS JDSU VA6B Precision Variable Attenuator VA6B505-/FPS Contact Sales
  Used 33028 JDS Uniphase HA97+24KSC2 Programmable Optical Attenuator HA97+24KSC2 Contact Sales
  Used A22 JDS Uniphase HA97E+10AFP4 Programmable Optical Attenuator HA97E+10KFP4 Contact Sales
  Used 33013 JDS Uniphase HA97E+10KSU1 Programmable Optical Attenuator HA97E+10KSU1 Contact Sales
  Used 33018 JDS Uniphase HA97E+14AFA1 Programmable Optical Attenuator HA97E+14AFA1 Contact Sales
  Used 33023 JDS Uniphase HA97EHA97E+18KSU1 Programmable Optical Attenuator HA97E+18KSU1 Contact Sales
  Used A12 JDS Uniphase JDSU HA9 Programmable Optical Attenuator HA9 Contact Sales
  Used A21 JDS Uniphase JDSU HA9 HA9543FAS2 Programmable Optical Attenuator HA9543-FAS2 Contact Sales
  Used 32977 JDS Uniphase JDSU HA9503-FAL2 Programmable Optical Attenuator HA9503-FAL2 Contact Sales
  Used 32982 JDS Uniphase JDSU HA9503-FAS2 Optical Attenuator HA9503-FAS2 Contact Sales
  Used 3448 JDS Uniphase JDSU HA9503-FPL2 Programmable Optical Attenuator HA9503-FPL2 Contact Sales
  Used 32988 JDS Uniphase JDSU HA9503-SUL2 Optical Attenuator HA9503-SUL2 Contact Sales
  Used 32993 JDS Uniphase JDSU HA9503-SUS2 Optical Attenuator HA9503-SUS2 Contact Sales
  Used 31574 JDS Uniphase JDSU HA97E+10AFP4Programmable Optical Attenuator HA97E+10AFP4 Contact Sales
  Used q3831 JDS Uniphase JDSU VA5B71+1AFP1 Precision Variable Attentuator VA5B71+1AFP1 Contact Sales
  Used 3831 JDS Uniphase JDSU VB8B Precision Variable Backreflector VB8B 710+2AFA1 Contact Sales
  Used 32893 JDSU / Acterna OLA-55 SMART Optical Level Attenuator 1250-1650um OLA55 Contact Sales
  Used 31567 JDSU HA9W1+20KFP1 MM,FC/PC Programmable Optical Attenuator HA91C+10KFP1 Contact Sales
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