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  Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
  In-Store AA368 JDSU JDS AC115 E2000 Detector Adapter AC115 Contact Sales
  Used AA47 JDSU JDS AC116 ST FC SC Detector Adapter AC116 ST FC SC $39.00
  Used AA77 JDSU JDS AC118 LC Adapter AC 118 $125.00
  In-Store AA01 keysight Agilent HP 81000AF Filter Holder Adapter 81000AF $89.00
  Used AA02 keysight Agilent HP 81000BA Bare Fiber Adaptor 81000BA $89.00
  New AA03 keysight Agilent HP 81000FA FC PC SPC APC Connector Adapter 81000FA $79.00
  Used AA04 keysight Agilent HP 81000FI PC SPC Connector 81000FI $99.00
  Used AA37 keysight Agilent HP 81000GA NEC D4 Connector Adapter 81000GA $175.00
  Used AA06 keysight Agilent HP 81000KI SC/PC/APC Connector Interface 81000KI $119.00
  Used AA07 keysight Agilent HP 81000NI FC/APC Connector 81000NI $99.00
  Used AA66 keysight Agilent HP 81000PA E-2000 Connector Adapter 81000PA $165.00
  Used AA08 keysight Agilent HP 81000RA Non-Reflective Adapter 81000RA $175.00
  Used AA39 keysight Agilent HP 81000VA ST Connector adapters 81000VA $79.00
  Used AA14 keysight Agilent HP 81000WA Bicon Connector Adapter 81000WA $89.00
  Used AA51 keysight Agilent HP 81000ZA Blank Adapter 81000ZA Contact Sales
  Used AA09 keysight Agilent HP 81001FF 10dB Filter 81000FF $119.00
  New AA10 keysight Agilent HP 81003LA LC Connector Adapter 81003LA $135.00
  In-Store AA11 keysight Agilent HP 81010BL Single-mode Fiber Lens 81010BL $79.00
  In-Store AA744 keysight Agilent HP 81050BL Adapter Lens 81050BL $79.00
  Used AA53 Newport 818FA Fiber Adaptor Mount 818-FA Contact Sales
  Used 3789 Newport 883IG OD3 filter 883 SL OD3 883IG OD3 $45.00
  Used AA52 Newport 818FA mount and FP4-FC Connector Adapter 818-FA Contact Sales
  Used AA22 Newport 818FA2 Bare Fiber Holder Mount 818-FA2 Contact Sales
  Used AA30 Newport 818T-10 Detector 818T-10 Contact Sales
  Used AA25 Newport 883 IR OD3 filter 883-IR OD3 $45.00
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