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  Category : Optical Spectrum Analyzers :   Ando : Ando AQ6315A Optical Spectrum Analyzer (AQ6315A)


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Ando AQ6315A Optical Spectrum Analyzer  (AQ6315A)

Manufacturer Ando Corporation Other Products
Model #: AQ6315A
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Ando AQ6315A Optical Spectrum Analyzer  (AQ6315A)

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Product Overview

     The AQ6315A Optical Spectrum Analyzers bring advanced capabilities to a wide range of applications, from light source evaluation to measurement of loss wavelength characteristics in optical devices.


  • Diverse analysis functions: Analysis functions for DWDM and other optical devices (LD, LED, FBG, etc.)
  • High wavelength accuracy: Provides ▒0.05 nm wavelength accuracy in the 1550 nm band, with ▒0.02 nm wavelength linearity, making it especially useful for DWDM devices, such as high-precision loss wavelength characteristic evaluation. The wavelength display supports both air and vacuum wavelengths.
  • Monochromator select mode: The monochromator mode can be set to single-pass or double-pass to match your measurement application needs.
  • High sensitivity over a wide band: Covers from 350nm to 1750nm and noise level has been suppressed to allow the AQ6315A to measure light to -90dBm.
  • Low polarization dependency: Polarization dependency has been slashed to ▒0.05dB, enabling accurate measurement of optical amplified gain and other critical measurements.
  • High-level accuracy: Accurate to ▒0.3dB.
  • High wavelength resolution: Achieves wavelength resolution of 0.05nm.
  • Handles optical fibers with core diameters up to 800 Ám.
  • The wide range of core diameters of optical fiber handled means a diverse range of applications.
  • High power measurement Max. +20dBm (100mW): Even, high-power output from an optical amplifier can be measured directly without an optical attenuator.


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