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  Category :   New Fiber Testing Tools : OP710 Multichannel Optic Power Meter

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OP710 Multichannel Optic Power Meter  

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Model #: op710
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OP710 Multichannel Optic Power Meter  

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Product Overview




Multichannel Optical Power Meter
The OP710 offers an economical approach for optical power meas-urement applications where multiple channels are needed. Unlike other systems this instrument is built up with individual power meters allowing for unparalleled simultaneous data acquisition over all channels.

The OP710 is available with 12 or 24 channels and a variety of connector options. With the rack mount option multiple instruments can be combined and configured for even higher channel count


Measurement Range  +10dBm..-80dBm 0.01dB (absolute) 0.001dB(relative)
Wavelength Range 830nm ..1700nm (InGaAs detector)


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