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  Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
  New BNPC22 ASE Source BS5000 BS5000 Contact Sales
  New BNPC23 Auto Tunable Directional Coupler TC1500 TC1500 Contact Sales
  New BNPC15 FiberPro PDL Meter PL2000 Meter PL2000 Contact Sales
  New BNPC19 FiberPro Polarization Scrambler PS3000 Series PS3000 Contact Sales
  New 34211 GM8015 Motorized Polarization Scrambler Contact Sales
  New BNPC10 In-Line Polarization Controller PC1100 Contact Sales
  Used 31584 JDSU PR2000+1FA Precision Polarization Controller PR2000+1FA Contact Sales
  Used 31579 JDSU PR2070+1FA Precision Polarization Controller PR2070+1FA Contact Sales
  New BNPC11 Lightwave Polarization Controller PC4000 Series PC4000 Series Contact Sales
  New BNPC01 Manual Polarization Controller FPC - 1 FPC - 1 Contact Sales
  New BNPC02 Manual Polarization Controller FPC - 2 / FPC - 3 FPC Series Contact Sales
  New BNPC03 Motorized Polarization Controller MPC1-01 MPC1-01 Contact Sales
  New BNPC04 Motorized Polarization Controller MPC1-02 MPC1-02 Contact Sales
  New BNPC05 Motorized Polarization Controller MPC1-M MPC1-M Contact Sales
  New BNPC12 Motorized Polarization Controller PC1300 PC1300 Contact Sales
  New BNPC13 Multi-Channel Polarization Controller PC1200 Series PC1200 Contact Sales
  New BNPC14 Passive Component Analyzer CA2000 CA2000 Contact Sales
  New BNPC16 PER Meter ER2000 ER2000 Contact Sales
  New BNPC17 PMD Emulator PE4000 Series PE4000 Contact Sales
  New BNPC06 Polarization Control Box FPC - 8CH FPC - 8CH Contact Sales
  New BNPC18 Polarization Controller PC1000 Series PC1000 Contact Sales
  New BNPC09 Polarization Independent Scrambler PS-700 Contact Sales
  New BNPC150 Polarization Mode Dispersion Calibration Artifact Contact Sales
  New BNPC07 Resonant Coil Polarization Scramblers RCPS-600 Contact Sales
  New BNPC08 Resonant Coil Polarization Scramblers RCPS-600B Contact Sales
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