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Power Meter            
Agilent HP Ando Anritsu
EXFO ILX Lightwave Newport
Rifocs Advantest

Agilent E4418B EPM Single-Channel Power Meter with 11730A Cable (E4418B )
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ILX Lightwave FPM-8210 Fiber Optic Power Meter (FPM8210 )
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Newport 1830C with 818 IR Optical Head and 818FA2 (1830C)
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Newport 4832C Multi-Channel Optical Power Meter (4832-C)
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
New Open Box 3861 Acterna JDSU OLP6 Optical Power Meter OLP-6 Contact Sales
New 35585 18Ch CWDM Optical Power Analyzer Contact Sales
Used 3874 Acterna OLP18B Optical Power Meter (850, 980, 1310, 1480, 1510, 1550, 1625nm) OLP-18B Contact Sales
Used 3996 Advantest Q8221 Power Meter/Q82208 Power Sensor/Q81212 Laser Source Q8221/ Q82208/ Q81212 Contact Sales
Used 2068 Agilent E4416A EPM-P Series Single Channel Power Meter E4416A Contact Sales
New PM44 DVP-2001 Optical Power Meter DVP-2001 Contact Sales
New PM72 DVP-2002 Optical Power Meter DVP-2002 Contact Sales
Used PM31 Fis F18513HR Power Meter F18513HR Contact Sales
Used PM32 Fluke 45 Dual Display Multimeter 45 Contact Sales
Used PM36 ILS LEM-1E Laser Power Sensor and LEM-1-PE Optical Sensor Head LEM-1E, LEM-1-PE Contact Sales
Used 3928 JDS JDSU Acterna OLP-15B Optical Power Meter OLP-15B Contact Sales
Used 3860 JDSU / Acterna OLP-55 SMART Optical Power Meter 2.5mm universal adapter PC/APC OLP55 Contact Sales
Used 30166 JDSU OPM-16 Optical Power Meter with 2pcs optical head OPM161-Z1315 Contact Sales
Used 31611 JDSU OPM16-16 16 channel Optical Power Meter OPM16-16 Contact Sales
Used PM37 Joinwit Double Channel Optical Powermeter LP-JW2012 Contact Sales
New PM23 JW-3205 Optical Power Meter 3205 Contact Sales
New 30764 JW3109 Optical Light Source JW3109 Contact Sales
Used 34661 Keithley 2700 - Multimeter / Data Acquistion System Keithley 2700 Contact Sales
New PM26 KI-6000 Optical Power Meter 6000 Contact Sales
New PM25 KI-7600 Optical Power Meter 7600 Contact Sales
Used 3644 Noyes OPM 6 Optical Power Meter OPM6-3 Contact Sales
Used PM52 Ohaus CS2000 Compact Scale CS2000 Contact Sales
New PM3738 RadiaSun RA3250 Mini Handheld Optical Power Meter RA3250 Contact Sales
New 33626 Santec IPD 8 F Integrated Tap Photo Detector IPD-8-F Contact Sales
Used PM53 Trilithic TR-2040 4 Wavelength Power Meter TR2040 Contact Sales
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Agilent HP
Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used 30303 Agilent 81630B High Power Optical Sensor 81630B Contact Sales
Used PM21 Agilent E4418B EPM Single-Channel Power Meter with 11730A Cable E4418B Contact Sales
Used PM166 Agilent HP 8487A 8487D Power Sensor 8487A 8487D Contact Sales
Used PM20 Agilent HP E4418A Programmable RF Power Meter E4418A Contact Sales
Used 3819 Agilent HP 81632B Power Sensor Module 81632B Contact Sales
Used PM174 Agilent HP 8481A 8481D Power Sensor 8481A Contact Sales
Used PM2851 Agilent HP 8481B High Power Sensor 8481B Contact Sales
Used PM86 Agilent HP 8482A Power Sensor 100kHz-4.2GHz 8482A Contact Sales
Used PM87 Agilent HP 8484A Power Sensor 8484A Contact Sales
Used PM96 Agilent HP 8485A Power Sensor 8485A Contact Sales
Used PM177 Agilent HP 8485D Diode Power Sensor 8485D Contact Sales
Used PM27 Agilent HP E4419A (EPM-442A) Series Dual-Channel Power Meter E4419A Contact Sales
Used PM28 Agilent HP E4419B EPM Series Dual-Channel Power Meter E4419B Contact Sales
Used PM512 Agilent HP E9301B E-Series Average Power Sensor E9301B Contact Sales
Used PM441 Agilent HP EPM-441A Power Meter Single-Channel EPM441A $1,050.00
Used TSM201 keysight Agilent HP 81633A Optical Power Sensor Module 81633A Contact Sales
In-Store 30688 keysight Agilent 81624DD - D-shape Adapter 81624DD $130.00
Used PM438 keysight Agilent 81637B Fast Power Sensor Module 81637B Contact Sales
Used TSM120 keysight Agilent HP 81520A Optical Head 81520A Contact Sales
Used PW05 keysight Agilent HP 8152A Optical Power Meter 8152A Contact Sales
Used PM146 keysight Agilent HP 81533B Interface Module 81533B Contact Sales
Used 31404 keysight Agilent HP 8153A + 81531A Power Sensor Module 8153A + 81531A Contact Sales
Used 31410 keysight Agilent HP 8153a + 81532A Power Sensor Module 8153a + 81532A Contact Sales
Used TSM125 keysight Agilent HP 8153A Lightwave Multimeter Mainframe 8153A Contact Sales
Used OH3494 keysight Agilent HP 81623B Optical head 81623B Contact Sales
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used PM29 Ando AQ2140 Optical Multimeter with AQ4213 AQ2733 AQ2733 Contact Sales
Used PM55 Ando AQ820121 Optical Power Meter Module AQ8201-21 Contact Sales
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used 31555 Anritsu MT9810A / MU931422A Optical Sensor Module MT9810A / MU931422A Contact Sales
Used 31560 Anritsu MT9810B / MU931422A Optical Sensor Module MT9810B / MU931422A Contact Sales
Used 4042 Anritsu MU931421A Optical Sensor Module Anritsu MU931421A1 Contact Sales
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used 4033 EXFO IQ-1103 Optical power meter module IQ1103 Contact Sales
Used PM17 EXFO IQ-1500 Calibration Power Meter IQ-1500 Contact Sales
Used 3925 EXFO IQ-5312 Wavelength meter module IQ-5312 Contact Sales
Used 3926 Exfo IQ-5320 IQ-5320 (IQ-5320-EA) (IQ-5320-89) (IQ-5320-EI) Multi-Wavelength Meter IQ-5320-89 Contact Sales
Used 3692 EXFO IQ1200 (IQ-1202X) 4 Channel Power Meter Module for IQ-203/IQ-206 IQ-1200 Contact Sales
Used 3857 EXFO IQ1203 Power Sensor Module IQ-1203 Contact Sales
Used PM76 EXFO IQ1600 (IQ1623) Two Channels InGaAs High-Speed Power Meter Module (IQ 1600) IQ-1623 Contact Sales
Used PM77 EXFO IQ1600 (IQ1643) High-Speed 4 Channel Power Meter Module IQ-1643 Contact Sales
In-Store 29947 Exfo IQS-510E Optical Test System Expansion Unit IQS510E Contact Sales
Used PM19 EXFO PM-1100 (PM-1103) Optical Power Meter PM-1103 Contact Sales
Used PM350 EXFO PM-1600 (PM-1623) High Speed Power Meter PM-1623 Contact Sales
Used PM18 EXFOIQ-3200 (IQ-3200-BEA) (IQ-3200-B58) High-Performance Return Loss Meter IQ-3200-BEA Contact Sales
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ILX Lightwave
Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used 3981 ILX Lightwave AC 200 LC Adapter AC 200 $45.00
Used PM58 ILX Lightwave FPM-8200 Fiber Optic Power Meter FPM8200 Contact Sales
Used PM59 ILX Lightwave FPM-8210 Fiber Optic Power Meter FPM8210 Contact Sales
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used 30480 Newport 1815-C with 818SL Power Meter 1815c Contact Sales
Used PM92 Newport 1830C with 818 IR Optical Head and 818FA2 1830C Contact Sales
Used PM38 Newport 1830C with 818-ST-UV Optical Power Meter 1830-C Contact Sales
Used PM39 Newport 1835C Multi Function Optical Power Meter 1835-C Contact Sales
Used PM12 Newport 2832C Dual-Channel High-Precision Optical Power Meter 2832-C Contact Sales
Used PM40 Newport 2835C High-Performance Optical Meters 2835-C Contact Sales
Used PM100 Newport 4832C Multi-Channel Optical Power Meter 4832-C Contact Sales
Used 33709 Newport 818-F-IR Dector the the same as 818IR/CM(818-IR/CM) Contact Sales
Used PM48 Newport 818-IR Optical Head / Calibration Module / 883-IR OD3 Filter 818-IR Contact Sales
Used 31640 Newport 818-UV/CM Optical Head 818-UV/CM Contact Sales
Used PM46 Newport 818IG Optical Head (Cal. module not included) 818-IG Contact Sales
Used PM78 Newport 818IG Optical Head with Cal. Module 818-IG Contact Sales
Used PM47 Newport 818IR/CM Optical Head 818-IR/CM Contact Sales
Used PM49 Newport 818IS1/CM Universal Optic Detector with Calibration Module 818-IS-1/CM Contact Sales
Used 31174 Newport 818T-30 High-Power Detectors 818T30 Contact Sales
Used PM51 Newport 835 Optical Power Meter with 818SL Detector Attached 835,818-SL Contact Sales
Used 29907 Newport 840-C Handheld Power Meter 840C Contact Sales
Used 33693 Newport The 1930-C 1930C Single-Channel High Performance Optical Power Meter 1930-C Contact Sales
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used PM02 Rifocs 675RE Module For R671R 675RE Contact Sales
Used PM01 Rifocs 676RE+671R Multi-Channel Power Meter 676RE Contact Sales
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used 29940 Advantest Q82203 SENSOR INTERFACE UNIT Q8221 power meter/ Q82208 Power Sensor / Q81212 Laser Source Contact Sales
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