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  Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
  Used 562xyz Newport 562-XYZ ULTRAlign Precision Fiber Optic Linear Stages 562-XYZ Contact Sales
  New 3722 91000504-001 Erbium Doped Fiber, L-Band, 950meter 91000504-001 Contact Sales
  Used 34696 Acculab balance scale V-200 V1-1MG V-200 V1-1MG Contact Sales
  Used 30409 Advantest Q8163 Optical Polarization Scrambler Q8163 Contact Sales
  New MI05 AFOP SC-FC Adapter & Metal SL WH Dust Cap 740-0431-004-B $4.00
  New MI04 AFOP SC-SC Optical Fiber Jumper 900um Cable 900um optical SC-SC Cable $10.00
  Used 30557 Agilent 81000AI Connector Interface 81000AI Contact Sales
  Used 31150 Agilent 8449A 8449B Microwave Preamplifier 8449B Contact Sales
  Used 2698 Agilent 84812A peak power sensor 84812A Contact Sales
  Used 3743 Agilent 8971B Noise Figure Test Set 8971B Contact Sales
  Used 3686 Agilent E7402A EMC Spectrum Analyzer, 100 Hz to 3 GHz E7402A Contact Sales
  In-Store 3998 Agilent HP 81002LI - LC connector interface 81002LI Contact Sales
  Used M111 Agilent HP 16454A Magnetic Material Test Fixture 16454A Contact Sales
  New Open Box M188 Agilent HP 86100A Mini Keyboard 86100A Contact Sales
  Used M189 Agilent HP Optical Head Ring Holder Contact Sales
  New Open Box 3383 Agilent/HP 10790-91008 Cable 10790-91008 Contact Sales
  New 3381 Agilent/HP 10791B Power Supply and Reference Cable (7 m) 10791B Contact Sales
  Used MI12 Airgas flowmeter B175 B1-75 Contact Sales
  Used 3994 Anritsu / NetTest / Photonetics 3650 UB 10 Polarization Mode Dispertion Analyzer 3650UB10 Contact Sales
  Used 3782 Anritsu 3671K50-1 High Frequency Flex Cables Contact Sales
  New MI13 Anritsu 3753 Type N Calibration Kit 3753 Contact Sales
  Used MI14 APC7000 High Volume Fiber Optic Polisher APC-7000 Contact Sales
  Used 9560-A ARO 9560-A Torque Tester 9560-A Contact Sales
  New M298 Avanex C-Band DWDM C-Band Contact Sales
  New M291 Avanex C-Band CWDM C-Band Contact Sales
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