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  Category :   New Spectrometer : BTC251E NIR (0.9-1.70 Ám)TE Cooled InGaAs Array Spectrometer

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BTC251E NIR (0.9-1.70 Ám)TE Cooled InGaAs Array Spectrometer 

Manufacturer B & W TEK, Inc. Other Products
Model #: BTC251E
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BTC251E NIR (0.9-1.70 Ám)TE Cooled InGaAs Array Spectrometer 

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Product Overview

BTC251 series products are low cost and high performance TE cooled linear InGaAs spectrometers. They are equipped with 256 or 512 elements thermoelectric (TE) cooled and temperature regulated linear InGaAs arrays, optimized high throughput spectrographs, fi ber coupled input capability, built-in 16 bit digitizer and USB1.1/2.0 plug-and-play PC interface. BTC251 products offer high dynamic range, low dark counts and long term operation stability, thus are ideal for many NIR applications. They come in standard resolution and high resolution versions. Flexible custom configurations and custom application support are provided.


  • 900 - 1700 nm wavelength range

  • 16 bit digitizer

  • USB 2.0/1.1 plug-and-play interface

  • No moving parts

  • TE cooled 256 or 512 elements

  • Fiber light coupling capability

  • Portable and light weight


  • Process monitoring

  • NIR spectroscopy

  • Quality control


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