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Signal Generator            
Agilent HP Anritsu Rohde & Schwarz

Fitel S121M ( S121SBB )Fiber Optic Handheld FTTH Fusion Splicer ( S121M )
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Fitel/Furukawa S177A Hand-Held Core Alignment Splicer (S177A)
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Fujikura FSM-45PM FSM45PM Fusion Splicer (FSM-45PM)
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Used Sumitomo Type 63 Mass Fusion Splicer (Type-63)
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Agilent HP
Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used 3930 8564EC Portable Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz to 40 GHz 8564EC Contact Sales
Used SG33 Agilent HP E8254A PSG-A Series Performance Signal Generator E8254A Contact Sales
Used 3745 Agilent 70300A RF Tracking Generator 70300A Contact Sales
Used 1940 Agilent E4432A Digital RF Signal Generator, 250 kHz to 3000 MHz E4432A Contact Sales
Used 4064 Agilent E8257C (PSG) Analog Signal Generator E8257C Contact Sales
Used 29911 Agilent E8257D CW and Analogue Signal Generator 250kHz-40GHz E8257D Contact Sales
Used SG01 Agilent HP 8648C Synthesized Signal Generator 8648C Contact Sales
Used 3918 Agilent HP E4423B Signal Generator E4423B Contact Sales
Used 3919 Agilent HP E4425B 250kHz - 3GHz Signal Generator E4425B Contact Sales
Used SG62 Agilent HP E4431B ESG-D Series Digital RF Signal Generator E4431B Contact Sales
Used SG48 Agilent HP 33120A Function & Arbitrary Waveform Generator 33120A Contact Sales
Used SG58 Agilent HP 33220A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator 33220A Contact Sales
Used SG531 Agilent HP 33250A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator 33250A Contact Sales
Used SG441 Agilent HP 3325A 3325B Function Generator 3325A 3325B Contact Sales
Used SG252 Agilent HP 71400C Lightwave Signal Analyzer 71400C Contact Sales
Used SG47 Agilent HP 8161A 100MHz Programmable Pulse Generator 8161A Contact Sales
Used SG336 Agilent HP 8341A 10 MHz ~ 20 GHz Synthesized Sweeper 8341A Contact Sales
Used SG96 Agilent HP 8341B 10 MHz ~ 20 GHz Synthesized Sweeper 8341B Contact Sales
Used SG554 Agilent HP 83545A Signal Generators Synthesizers Sweepers 83545A Contact Sales
Used SG17 Agilent HP 83623B High Power Swept-Signal Generator 83623B Contact Sales
Used SG18 Agilent HP 83640A 83640B Synthesized Swept-Signal Generator 83640A 83640B Contact Sales
Used SG30 Agilent HP 83640L Synthesized Swept Generator Contact Sales
Used SG19 Agilent HP 83650B Synthesized Swept-Signal Generator 83650B Contact Sales
Used SG46 Agilent HP 8642B Synthesized Signal Generator 8642B Contact Sales
Used SG06 Agilent HP 8644A 1 GHz High Performance Synthesized Signal Generator 8644A Contact Sales
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used SG63 Anritsu 69137A Ultra Low Noise Synth Sweep Generator 69137A Contact Sales
Used 29939 Anritsu 68197C Synthesized Signal Generator Anritsu 68197C Contact Sales
Used 3852 Anritsu 69037B 20 GHz Synthesized CW Signal Generator Contact Sales
Used SG13 Anritsu 69177B Synthesized Signal Generator 10MHz ~ 50GHz 69177B Contact Sales
Used SG76 Anritsu MG3602A Signal Generator MG3602A Contact Sales
Used SG14 Anritsu MG3670B Digital Modulation Signal Generator MG3670B Contact Sales
Used SG75 Anritsu MG3671A Modulation Generator MG3671A Contact Sales
Used SG599 Anritsu MP1652A Pulse & Data Generators MP1652A Contact Sales
Used SG16 Anritsu MP1758A Pulse Pattern Generator MP1758A Contact Sales
Used SG15 Anritsu MP1763B Pattern Generator MP1763B Contact Sales
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Rohde & Schwarz
Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used 2006 Rohde & Schwarz SMT03 5 kHz to 3000 MHz, Signal Generator SMT03 Contact Sales
Used SG32 Rohde & Schwarz SMT06 Signal Generator SMT06 Contact Sales
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used 3960 Tektronix 80C01 / 80C01-CR DC-28GHz Optical Sampling Module 80C01-CR Contact Sales
Used 80C02CR Tektronix 80C02 Optical Module,1000-1650nm,with 9953mb/s 80C02 Contact Sales
Used 3920 Tektronix DTG5274 Data Generator Mainframe DTG5274 Contact Sales
Used 3889 Tektronix TSG170A NTSC Test Generator; NTSC Sync/Test Generator TSG170A Contact Sales
Used SG49 Tektronix TSG422 Digital Component PAL & NTSC TV Generator TSG422 Contact Sales
Used SG21 Tektronix/Sony AWG2021 Arbitrary Waveform Generator AWG2021 Contact Sales
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